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Portable medical devices are rapidly dominating the healthcare electronics market due to the benefits of increased monitoring efficiency and delivering remote treatment. The impact of COVID-19 flooded the market with staggering demand for healthcare resources, including the already scarce medical professionals, hospital space and supplies.

By implementing portable medical devices in the healthcare network, doctors can remotely monitor multiple patient’s vitals while having noncritical patients quarantined at home, reducing the strain on doctors’ working hours and limited hospital beds.

Aside from COVID-19, portable medical devices can be a permanent management solution for chronic diseases. Patients diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension, and diabetes can enjoy remotely tailored treatment plans or even remote drug delivery in case of emergencies, ultimately reducing the need for visiting the doctor’s office.


Our partner set up kiosks in supermarkets and clinics to offer quick covid test service to their customers. It requires:

  • Reliable 4G LTE gateways in portable size and long battery life to connect medical devices to the Internet and transmit data to their cloud server
  • Built-in large SD card storage for medical data back up
  • Multiple layers of security to protect clients’ privacy and sensitive data


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